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[Rezension] Jasmin Miller - Fake Start


Fake Start | Jasmin Miller | 326 Seiten | E-Book | 3.36€


You know that awkward moment when your agent tells you to fake date your best friend’s sister so you can get the endorsement deal of your dreams? No?
Call me crazy for considering it, but why not? Daisy’s my friend, after all, and I’ve gotten quite close to her and her two awesome boys over the last few years since her douche-nozzle husband divorced her. She loves it when I flirt with her, so we could carry it off, couldn’t we?
An endorsement deal with Lock Performance has been my goal ever since I was little, and it would be one of the biggest accomplishments in my professional swimming career. Something I want desperately.
But what I didn’t expect from this fake start was to want something else—someone—just as desperately. How do I make sure I don’t lose both?

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[Rezension] Jasmin Miller - Fresh Meet


Fresh Meet | Jasmin Miller | 336 Seiten | E-Book | 3,33€


Fans call me the king of the water. I'm focused, driven, and most importantly, I win.
Life as a professional swimmer comes with sacrifices, but they’ve never worried me. I’m used to life with little room for anything but training, eating, and sleeping.
Nothing more, nothing less.
When a son I knew nothing about lands on my doorstep—and a crazy but very beautiful nanny shortly after—my life is turned upside down. Allowing any change into my life could put my goals and dreams in jeopardy, and I’ve worked too hard and too long for them.
When I’m tempted to look beyond lap times and medals to bedtime stories and the possibility of love, I face one of the hardest questions of my life: is it worth the risk?

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[Rezension] Jasmin Miller - Secret Plunge


Secret Plunge | Jasmin Miller | 200 Seiten | E-Book | 2,69€


Sometimes, it takes being dumped by the wrong person so you can find the right one.
Sometimes, the job you hate, but pays the bills, kicks you to the curb.
And sometimes, being divorced and jobless at twenty-four leads to questionable choices on New Year’s Eve that have the potential to turn into something wonderful . . . once you weather life’s bumps to get there. Of course.
Like finding out your drop-dead-gorgeous one-night stand turned baby daddy is Ryan Monroe, swimming gold medalist who came out of retirement for one more Olympic Games.
And that your dad is his new coach.
Or that Ryan will never overlap his personal life with his work life again.
That’s when the secrets . . . the omissions begin. Because sometimes, that’s how you protect fledgling relationships and those you love. Isn’t it?


[Monatsrückblick] Mai 2021


Wie ich in meinem letzten Monatsrückblick schon vermutet habe, kam ich im Mai nicht zum Bloggen. Im Juni wird sich das wohl auch nicht ändern, denn diesen Monat ist die  Deadline für meine Bachelorarbeit und ich habe im Mai leider nur relativ wenig Fortschritt gemacht. Wobei... ganz richtig ist das auch nicht. Ich habe guten Fortschritt gemacht, was meine Recherche angeht, denn diese ist vollständig abgeschlossen und ich muss jetzt nur noch die ganze Schreibarbeit erledigen. Das meiste ist hier auch Eigenarbeit, weswegen ich mir keinen Stress mache. Die Eigenarbeit geht bei mir immer am schnellsten. Dank meiner Hausarbeiten in der Vergangenheit bin ich es ja auch zum Glück schon gewohnt viele Seiten in kurzer Zeit zu schreiben. Ich freue mich aber trotzdem schon auf den Moment, an dem ich meine Bachelorarbeit hinter mir habe und mich nur noch um meine mündliche Prüfung kümmern muss, bevor im August meine Ausbildung beginnt.