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[Rezension] Megan Nolan - Acts of Desperation


Acts of Desperation | Megan Nolan | 288 Seiten | Hardcover | ca. 25 €


In the first scene of this provocative gut-punch of a novel, our unnamed narrator meets a magnetic writer named Ciaran and falls, against her better judgment, completely in his power. After a brief, all-consuming romance he abruptly rejects her, sending her into a tailspin of jealous obsession and longing. If he ever comes back to her, she resolves to hang onto him and his love at all costs, even if it destroys her…
Part breathless confession, part lucid critique, Acts of Desperation renders a consciousness split between rebellion and submission, between escaping degradation and eroticizing it, between loving and being lovable. With unsettling, electric precision, Nolan dissects one of life’s most elusive mysteries: Why do we want what we want, and how do we want it?


[Monatsrückblick] September 2021


Ein wenig später als sonst kommt jetzt auch mal mein Monatsrückblick für den September. Ich war eben ehrlich gesagt ganz geschockt, dass wir schon Mitte Oktober habe. Die Zeit rast aktuell mal wieder ganz schön schnell an mir vorbei.